Finding the perfect Australian fire opal engagement ring...

An Australian fire opal engagement ring is one of the more popular choices for an opal engagement ring. If you are considering proposing to your partner with an Australian fire opal engagement ring there are a couple things that you need to know:

Fire opal can mean different things depending on who you talk to. It can mean either:

  • An opal that is BRIGHT! Most likely an Australian opal that has red, orange or yellow colour. This combination makes people react and get excited.
  • An opal type that comes predominantly from Mexico. There is a red tinge to Mexican fire opals but minimal play-of-colour (sparkle).

We love Australian opals; they are the most compelling. So when we have someone coming into the shop and asking for a fire opal, we need to check whether or not they:

  • Are after a bright Australian opal that has the colours of fire...
  • Or the opal type that mainly comes from Mexico. 

99% of the time they are searching for the bright Australian opal.

On this page we will talk about both fire opals and what they are.

Australian fire opal 

The saying "fire opal" increased in use after the iconic Australian book and then movie "The Fire in the Stone" came out in 1974. Most of the time when people are looking for a "fire opal", they are simply just wanting an Australian opal that is bright. Australian fire opals can be found in all eighteen of the country's opal fields.

Australian White Opal-Red Fire Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds

There are eight things that determine the value of an opal. But when we are talking about an Australian fire opal we are really referring to people that are seeking brightness. Fire can actually be used to describe any bright flashes of colour in an opal. It doesn't matter whether or not it is a crystal opal or if it has an orange base tone. Opal fire can be green, blue, purple, or red.

Australian Crystal Opal-Neon Green Fire Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Fire opal engagement ring

If this is the type of fire opal that you were thinking of than an Australian fire opal engagement ring is a great choice. It will be bright and captivating and durable. Be prepared to spend a little bit more if you are really wanting those bright flashes of colour play though. It will cost at least one or two grand for an Australian fire opal engagement ring (and that is just for the stone). If this is they type of opal that you and your partner have your heart set on you can see more examples of Australian fire opal rings here.

Australian Black Opal-Blue and Green Fire Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Mexican fire opal

Mexican fire opal is a golden yellow, orange, or red jelly opal. Mexican fire opals can have a dark tone or a light tone. Sometimes Mexican fire opals will have flashes of green but there is typically no play-of-colour. However, they do have excellent clarity because of the fire opal's transparency. Mexican fire opal can form in a nobbie, which is a thumb sized lump of solid opal, or in a seam, which when a line of solid opal forms in a fissure in a stone.

Mexican fire opal is beautiful and unique but in our opinion not a great choice for opal engagement rings. Mexican fire opal is more fragile than Australian opal and isn't as suitable for everyday wear. However, It does make a lovely centerpiece for special occasion brooches, earrings, and pendants. 

Mexican Fire Opal