Finding the perfect platinum Australian opal engagement ring

If you're wanting a luxurious feel, then it doesn't get much more high quality than a platinum Australian opal engagement ring. Think of it this way: usually credit card companies have different rewards levels for customers. Platinum is almost always the hardest and most prestigious level to get to. 

Queensland Boulder Opal Ring in Platinum with Yellow Gold and Diamonds

What makes platinum so special?

Platinum is one of the rarest and most durable metals. It looks almost identical to white gold but has many different properties. 

  • Platinum is a non reactive metal. Even after decades of wear, it won't tarnish or discolor. 
  • The incredible silvery lustre will remain even when the jewellery is exposed to normal wear and tear.
  • Since it is such a hard metal, it is also less prone to scratching.
  • Platinum is considered a premium type metal because there is high demand with low supply (so it is more unique).
  • Platinum is more difficult to work with than gold. It is usually only handled by master jewellers.

Jewelers working with platinum have to have years ofexperience and skill. It is not very malleable and is difficult to shape so the jeweller has to work quickly and efficiently. The pressure is really on for us as jewellers to work fast and get it right.

With all these characteristics comes a higher price point. A platinum ring will be almost double the cost of a similar looking gold counterpart, because you're paying for the intense labour that was put into designing and crafting the piece. But if your partner is someone who enjoys the finer things in life, or is after a metal that requires little maintenance, you absolutely can't go wrong with a platinum setting for an Australian opal engagement ring. Click here to shop more Australian opal platinum rings.