Finding the perfect Australian white opal engagement ring...

To propose with an Australian white opal engagement ring is to propose with one of the most classic types of opal. White opal was discovered in large quantities in Coober Pedy in the early 1900's and was one of the first types of Australian opal to be marketed to an international audience. Because of this, many Europeans and Americans have traditionally thought of all opals as having a milky white base colour (tone). This is still true today because white opals are very commonly mined and pervasive in jewellery design. The majority of antique European opal jewellery contains white opals, which associates the stone with a timeless, historical quality. Based on the customers that we deal with, the majority of women who go for a white opal engagement ring are more of a traditional type of woman. Think regal, think classic, think pearls.

Australian White Opal Engagement Ring in White Gold with Diamond Halo

Choosing an Australian white opal engagement ring

One thing that I have to mention is that an Australian white opal is not just white. A quality opal (needed for an engagement ring) needs to have bright colours with a white tone underneath. Another thing to keep in mind is skin tone. White opal goes great with darker skin tones because the contrasting hues creates an attractive balance. But I have also seen how nice it looks with fairer skin. Rather than contrasting, the two similar hues compliment each other beautifully. 

A great thing about white opal is that because it is in higher supply, it is more affordable. Australian white opal can still have bright flashes of opal fire, with colours like pink, red, orange, and green. Australian white opals are also likely to display incredible colour play patterns. If these two factors are combined a white opal will be incredibly compelling and eye catching. 

Australian White Opal Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamond Halo

Australian white opal engagement ring settings

The creamy tone and bright colours of am Australian white opal are beautifully enhanced by a yellow gold setting. But thinking back to skin tone and contrast vs. complimenting, yellow gold contrasts against the white opal, while white gold will compliment it. Neither one looks better than the other, and it really comes down to personal preference. Since an Australian white opal engagement ring is such a classic piece, customers usually opt for a more traditional six claw setting (read all about opal engagement ring settings here). 

Australian White Opal Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds

You really can't go wrong with a white opal engagement ring! Australian white opals match with everything and are very flattering which is why they have had such an enduring popularity. Click here to shop more Australian white opal rings.